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Template for Description of an Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser


-Ultrasonic aroma and oil diffuser designed to spread an oil’s aroma and fragrance to its surroundings


-Disperses aroma from an oil into its surroundings by breaking up the oil into smaller particles and releasing it with the mist or vapor of water

-Uses a vibrating disc powered by electricity to create a blended mist of the oil and water


Small device ranging from 6’’-10’’ tall with a circular base

-Several buttons for different functions: power, light, time

– Depending on model, may have two covers over water reservoir and different decorative cover


-Main base

-Cup body

-Cup cover

-Water reservoir

-Air inlet


-Ultrasonic membrane/disc

-Power cord and outlet


-Overall view from the front, from the top

-View when diffuser is off/on

-View of disassembled diffuser and its parts

-Labeled diagram of diffuser in action

-Labeled diagram of each component of diffuser

-Video of diffuser?


-How effective are they?

-Manufacturing costs

-Health warnings and recommendations

-Health benefits

-Different essential oils?


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