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Discussion Post: Reflections on Lab Report and Podcast

This assignment was and not meaningful to me at the same time. I believe so because this was not the first lab report I have written, however, it is the first report where I received very useful feedback and criticism from both my peers and the professor. A skill I learned and can use for the future is to stay away from being repetitive or using the same language and phrases. I was able to use a broader vocabulary when explaining certain aspects. One detail I both liked and disliked in this assignment was the degree of freedom. I was excited to be able to choose my own video and experiment to write a report on but it was also difficult to choose what information from the video was most important and how to structure it correctly. I am very proud of the structure and tone of my report because I felt that it was formal and I was able to use the passive voice throughout the paper.

I listened to the podcast about Elijah Jones because of his background in electrical engineering and manufacturing and his work in the medical field. Additionally, Jones’ work is the most closely related field to my major which is biomedical engineering than the other two engineers. It was also very interesting hearing his work with designing a better radiation machine that targets cancer more effectively. This podcast completely changed the way I view how important writing is in engineering because I did not realize how crucial communication is in the work field. One thing that stood out to me in the podcast was when Jones spoke how important it is to review your emails because it could have a bad tone unintentionally. Writing is a critical role in engineering because it is the basis of communicating properly especially with your team and others in non-engineering fields such as how Jones needs to deal with suppliers on a daily basis.