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Discussion Post: Baffling Description

          Every person was able to pinpoint that I wrote about mining for resources in the videogame Minecraft. The other students were certain when they spotted Minecraft terminology such as mobs and creepers. In order for an audience with zero expertise to understand the writing, I had to clarify and add to terms like enchantments because without background knowledge of Minecraft it would be difficult to know how this effects the player.

          In order to have a successful mining adventure in the videogame Minecraft, you must first have the adequate equipment. A well rounded miner always carries with them at least two pickaxes. One for non-essential ores like stone, coal and iron, and the other for useful ores such as diamonds, gold, and emeralds. A shovel is always useful when encountering areas that are full of dirt, sand, or gravel. Miners should also have enchantments or upgrades on their tools in order to increase efficiency, some enchantments include Unbreaking III, Efficiency V, and Silk Touch. The next necessity to carry with you are torches to place every so often and a sword to combat mobs such as zombies and creepers. These mobs are monsters that can cause damage to your health and are almost always found in dark areas, the use of the torches will help reduce the number of mobs from spawning in these areas. In addition to these tools, miners should always carry a furnace and crafting table in their inventory in order to craft any supplies that run out. A crafting table is used to make tools and equipment such as pickaxes and swords while the furnace is used to cook food. Lastly a good food supply should be carried, steak and porkchops are recommendations due to their high levels of saturation which represents the amount needed to eat. A higher saturation means the miner will eat less often.

          Before the individual has begun to mine, there are various strategies to increase the effectiveness of encountering resources. First, the miner may choose to find a surface abyss or go cavehunting. Then, the miner should mine in a downwards path; for optimal results of encountering diamonds, reach to y=11 which represents the coordinates of the miner in relation to the entire world of the game. From here, miners can choose to tunnel through an area, create strips of singular tunnels, or create a network or branches of interconnecting tunnels. Finally, miners should remember to not become over-ambitious when carrying many resources.

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